Fuelix; the power source of tomorrow

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on Unsplash

So, what is Fuelix?

Fuelix is a world-changing idea that plans on using Nanogenerators to harness the mechanical energy created by cars when they move to power them as they go. Professor Xudong Wang believes that Nanogenerators could increase average car gas mileage by 10%. We believe that the friction created by cars when they move is enough to power the entire car. The Nanogenerator sheets will be placed underneath the car tire so that we don’t disturb the movement of the car. As the car moves it will create mechanical energy that will be harvested by the nanogenerators and turned into power, which would be used to fuel lithium-ion batteries located at the bottom of the vehicle.

How will this work?

Picture of a Nanogenerator from (electronics.howstuffworks.com) The ones we will use will be much larger.
(Model I made)

What problem does this solve?

Currently, the world relies on inefficient means to power transportation. Currently, 12%-30% of gasoline fuel is used up when driving, while the rest of the energy is lost in the engine and driveline efficiencies. The average American household spends around 3000 dollars per year on gasoline just so that they can lose around 70% of their fuel due to the inefficiencies of current fuel. With our solution, American households could save up to 96% of what they spend on fuel per year since our solution costs approximately 110 dollars to implement. Our solution will also add incentive for people to switch to eco-friendly transport since our product only works for electric cars. Our product will save families so much headache since, with it, you will never need to worry about stopping at a gas station, or a fueling pod. You will have a consistently full battery.

What is the difference between our idea and Tesla’s regenative braking?

Tesla’s regenerative braking is indeed a very cool and interesting idea. However, fuelix is 100% more efficient than regenerative braking will ever be. Regenerative braking is what it sounds like, every time the car uses its’ brakes it replenishes some of its power. When the car replenishes its power, it’s so little that the driver wouldn’t notice a difference. Our solution won’t just replenish a small amount of the car’s energy, it will constantly keep to car’s fuel to 100%; this means that you will never need to worry about refuelling, or recharging your car.

Photo by Tom Chen on Unsplash



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